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Music Monday: Story About A Girl

This week's song for Music Monday is Story About A Girl by Our Lady Peace.

This is a song for my daughters, Sophie and Olivia. It is a song that pretty much says "life is tough but you have to be strong, and I will always be there for you".

They have very strong women in their life. They have great female role models in their Mother, Grandmothers, Great Grandmother and Aunt. And of course they have me to be there for them all the way.


Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

When I am training for a race I always try to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Usually there is some point in each race that I really get an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it is a feeling that I can't physically do what I want. Sometimes I mentally get down and I feel like I can't do what I want to do. Either way it just stinks.

I know it is a confidence issue. When I have trained for a race I know I am ready physically. I also know that I am mentally ready. But there always seems to be that little issue where maybe something just isn't going my way and I just have to get through it.  That is why I say I have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I always like to pick a day when I am tired physically and mentally and use my run for that day to push myself. On a training run I can go as hard or as easy as I want. But during a race I need to GO! When I hit that place where I start to lose confidence it helps to be able to know that I can push through it. Sure I feel …

St. Jude Marathon Hero Fundraiser

About a month ago I signed up for the St. Jude Marathon. It is something that I have wanted to do since I finished my first marathon.

My reason for wanting to do it is very much a selfish one: I want to RUN the whole thing. As I mentioned before, hearing people's joy that I was "doing this for their baby" was very special. This time around I have sworn to keep things in perspective. If I don't RUN the whole thing I will still feel good because I did something to help children that need help.

Well when I found out that the running group, the Road Dawgs, that I run with had a team for the Heroes program I decided I should join them. What better way to help support St. Jude than to also help raise money for the hospital.

My goal to reach for this fundraiser is $750. That is a pretty big goal for someone who is not good at asking people for money. However, it is for an extremely good cause and with the help of social media and the people that I know I should be able to …

The Title & Music Monday

When I started this blog I really had no idea where it was going or what it would be. Running has been my main theme so far, but I think I could see this going a few other places.

I stated in my first post the title of this blog comes from a line in the song The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars. One of my favorite things about music is that sometimes songs can be interpreted to mean different things to different people. For me this song is about my relationship with myself.

I have always been afraid to let people know me. Yes my friends know me. Yes my wife knows me. And yes my family knows me.

Well kinda.

I have always tried to be a different person to different people. Like George Costanza on Seinfeld once said: "there is relationship George and there is independent George." Or better yet I heard a comedian once say "I don't like to mix friends. These friends think I am a nice guy and those friends think I speak german" or something like that. Meaning that I want …

A new 5k PR!

Sunday morning was the first race in the MRTC Road Race Series. A 5k in Overton Park on a very hot morning. There is actually some shade on this course because there are alot of trees around the area but it was still very hot. People were sweating heavily at the starting line so you knew everyone was gonna be running slower.

Except for one lovely young lady.

That's right, my wife set a new PR in the 5k! 35:16 was her time. A whole minute faster than her previous best. This was actually the first 5k that we have ever run together. We have run a 10k together. We have also been in a few races at the same time but ran them at our own pace.

She said it helped that I was running with her but she did all of the work. I usually try to motivate people when we run but Staci doesn't really like that too much. So I tried to be quiet until she told me to talk to her. I helped her pick songs for a playlist for the next race so she should have a highly motivating set of songs to keep her goi…