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Music Monday: On a Wednesday

This week's Music Monday Wednesday is "Sweet Child O' Mine" performed by Fergie and Slash.

My usual routine is to write my Music Monday on Sunday night/Monday morning. However, I did not have time this week so I planned to do it Monday night. However, my 19 month old (Olivia) got sick and had a febrile seizure so we were with her in the emergency room until 2:30 am. It was very scary but everything checked out and she is fine.

So I picked this song for my "little blue-eyed devil." When I looked up the song on Youtube I found this live version with Fergie.


2012 Germantown Half Marathon Recap

Sunday I ran the Germantown Half Marathon. This is one of my favorite races to run. It lines up perfectly that my training for it starts at the first of the year. The weather is usually pretty nice on race day and the area that we run in is very nice. This was the fourth time I've run the race.

This year the training has been a little difficult. I have had to deal with my knee thing so I have had to rest more than I would prefer. I learned that I need to do more pool running a little too late. I probably could have gotten better use of my training time if I would have hit the pool earlier instead of trying to fight through it. Needless to say I felt under trained.

The thing I like about the half marathon is that it is not an easy distance, but once you get used to it you really learn how to run it. The first time you run it you think it is horrible. But once you get a few under your belt you get a good feel for how to handle it.

Inevitably, unless you are an elite runner, you wil…

Music Monday: Fire It Up

This week's Music Monday is "Fire It Up" by Thousand Foot Krutch.

This song is the ULTIMATE "get fired up" song. It is always at the beginning of my playlist for a race, especially a 5K. It's a really good song to get your blood pumping for a great workout.

I thought of this song after reading a blog of an old friend. She is blogging about her journey to a better self. She has a great story for why she is on her journey and recently wrote a post about her fire within. It was one that really shows her fire for getting where she wants to be. Check her blog out. Everything I've read has been great. I haven't seen her in years but judging from her blog it looks like she is in a good place.

This song should definitely be in YOUR workout playlist. Listen to the lyrics and try to not get fired up!

I've got a bad case of turning it up
It's getting cold in here so fire it upEnjoy!

Music Monday: Carnival

This week's Music Monday is "Carnival" by Our Lady Peace.

This is one of those songs that really has a special meaning to me. I found this song at a time when I was really having a hard time dealing with life in general. I was 21 years old and frustrated with how unfair I thought life was. I really didn't have any direction and I really didn't feel like anyone else thought much of me. I would try to envision myself in the future and all I could come up with was a blank.

This song is about the exact way I was feeling. A perfect song for me as I was trying to figure out where I wanted to be while dealing with the frustration of not really seeing a future. When I really listened to the words I had one of those moments that you never forget: this song is about me and is telling me it's ok, and for some reason I believe it.

you're frustrated by the cracks in
the pavement
and every mother's back...
once again
the carnival closed down
but if this world …

Music Monday: Adrenaline

This week's Music Monday is "Adrenaline" by Bush.

This is another one of my favorite running songs. Especially right now.

This morning I was having a really hard time finding the right song for this week. Sure enough this was the first song on my iPod when I started running. It's funny how these things happen. Music is so important to me and I don't really think it is ever an accident. I posted this song a few weeks ago because it just kept coming on during my runs when I really needed it....and it has three more times since I posted it. Like, literally right when I needed it. If you are friends with me on Facebook, now you know why I have "my music" listed as my religion.

This song instantly became this week's song because lately with my knee issues I have had trouble getting started because I never know for sure how my body will react. Today I said "F- it, whatever I need to do to get 6 miles in I'm gonna do it!"

How can you not ab…

Pool Running

Several months ago as I was training for the St. Jude Marathon I started having knee pain when I would run. The pain would occur when my foot made impact with the road. I never went to the doctor to get it checked out but I learned it is tendinitis. The best way to handle tendinitis is rest. F- that! I don't want no stinking rest, I wanna run! But the more I tried to run through it the worse it got.

Then a friend at the gym told me I needed to try pool running. She hooked me up with her friend that does water aerobics and I learned how to run in the pool. There is no impact. You wear a belt that keeps you floating and you basically just simulate running.

At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy it. I am not a very good swimmer and it did seem like it would be kinda boring. I really love to workout to music. Actually I love to do everything to music. Right now I'm listening to music as I type. (I'm listening to 10 Years in case you were wondering) But I was introduced to H2…