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A memorable run

I finally got the chance to run for the first time in over two months.
And it was AWESOME!
I got the "all clear" on Friday but somehow waited until Monday to get out and run.
Going in, I had a little bit of fear. Really just little silly worries: will the knee be ok, will I get shin splints, will I remember how to run, will I be terribly slow, will I have to - gulp - walk.
Monday afternoon was the perfect time to get that first run. I couldn't think of any better way to get going than my favorite running weather: hot-as-balls! The temperature had to have been over 90. I know a lot of people don't like running when it's that hot but I love it. It really make me pay more attention to my body and how efficient I am.
As I was getting ready to go outside my kids asked where I was going. Of course they all wanted to go but the girls just can't make it but my son can ride his bike right along with me. Those are some of my favorite runs when I run and Nate rides his…

Music Monday: Back In The Saddle

This week's Music Monday is "Back In The Saddle" by Aerosmith.

I've been really busy the last week and the coming week looks a little hectic. I missed last week's post and this week is short but very sweet........

Why is it so sweet?

I'm back!!!!

Yep, I'm a runner again! I had a great run this afternoon and there is a great story that goes with it. I will share it when I get a chance.

So here's some Aerosmith while you wait. It's from when they were actually good. (I liked them in the 80's and 90's until I heard their music from the 70's and realized the stuff I was listening to really sucked compared to the old stuff.... Rant over)


Music Monday: As Fast As You Can

This week's Music Monday is "As Fast As You Can" by Our Lady Peace.

In case you haven't heard OLP has a new album out. If you haven't heard shame on me for not telling you. The name of it is Curve. It is a little bit different than most of their previous albums. It has what I call an indie rock kind of feel to it. That's the best way I can describe the sound but lyrically it is on par with everything else they've done before. I'm thinking about doing a review on it here on this blog. The only problem is that I am not well versed in "music lingo." Every time I read a music review I wonder if they just make words up or if I'm an idiot. (Probably a little of both.)

Anyway, this is my favorite song by far....well maybe not by far. (I think I drive my wife crazy when we listen to a CD and every song that comes on is "my favorite song on this CD.") But this one is my favorite. ("If This Is It" is a close second... or maybe …

Music Monday: Open Your Eyes

This week's Music Monday is "Open Your Eyes" by Guano Apes.

This song helped pick me up today (Tuesday) during my workout when I was in need of a kick in the ass. I wasn't struggling with my workout. I was struggling with my focus.

I have been really bummed about the way my knee has been and starting to really get down because I can't do what I want, RUN. This song really gives me that reminder to stop being negative. Open my eyes and beat that feeling. I am not completely shutdown. I can still do other stuff. Just gotta keep myself focused.

Open your eyes,open your mind  Proud like a god don't pretend to be blind Trapped in yourself, break out instead Beat the machine that works in your head
The funny thing is that after this song played another awesome song came on. Hole's "Be a Man" came on. There is something about Courtney Love screaming "BE A MAN!" that makes me work harder.