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Music Monday: Warrior

This week's Music Monday is "Warrior" by Disturbed.

I picked this song for a few reasons.

This weekend my wife came to me with an idea her best friend from college came up with: she wanted to do the Warrior Dash. I had thought about doing it before but never really got too serious about it. We decided we wanted to do it and signed the three of us up.

While I was at it, it was time to register for the MRTC Road Race Series. I talked Staci into doing it again this year. We did it last year and had lots of fun. The award you get for finishing all ten races in the series is the "Road Warrior". I will be going for my third "Road Warrior" trophy.

Another reason I picked this song is because I am starting a new battle with my weight. I really haven't been trying lately. I let myself go when I was dealing with my tendinitis. I couldn't run for a couple months and I really didn't do the things I needed to do that I could have been doing. I couldn…

Music Monday: Breathe

This week's Music Monday is "Breathe" by Seven Channels.

This is "one of those songs". One that I listen to that expresses my emotion of missing my father.

Sunday night as I was getting myself ready to go back to work after a week of vacation I started thinking about how happy I was being a father. This song kept popping up in my head. One other thing kept sticking in my head: "are you proud of me Daddy?" That was my 5 year old daughter as I was teaching her to ride her bike with no training wheels.

As this song kept playing in my head right along with Sophie's question, I stopped and wondered...."are you proud of me Daddy?"

Music Monday: Born 2 Run

This week's Music Monday is "Born 2 Run" by 7Lions.

This is not a cover of the Springsteen song. It's not even a song that I would normally listen to.

I heard this song on a couple of Sirius/XM stations that I listen to. (Octane and Faction) The song does not fit either station's format. But they play it. (Biting my tongue from ranting about how stations decide what music they want played......) Sorry.

When the song started playing I was about to change it but decided to give it a very quick listen because of the title. The lyrics kept me from changing it. They are really good lyrics that relate to being a runner. I knew right away: "Damn! This song is a good running song! And Dammit! I'm probably gonna end up liking it!"

It's not really my kind of song. It's more of a pop song. It has a dude rapping and a douchey singer with some douchey indie/soft rock dudes playing the music. (My apologies to any douches I offended) How this song ended …

Music Monday: Let The Sparks Fly

This week's Music Monday is "Let The Sparks Fly" by Thousand Foot Krutch.

This is Nate and Sophie's new favorite song. They lose their freaking minds every time they hear it!

The song is exactly the kind of music Nate likes. It's high energy and has a positive message.

Sophie loves the parts when the lead singer sings with a higher pitched voice.

They both love the "gimme 1....gimme2....gimme3" count. 

We went to watch my niece play softball last week and they didn't want to get out of the car until the song was over!

Reminds me of the way my sister and I acted when we were kids with my dad. Watching them through the rearview mirror helps me remember the way my dad would smile at us with great love.