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Positive thoughts = Negative splits

Positive thoughts = Negative splits.

I saw this on the back of a guy's race t-shirt while waiting in line to get on a ride at Disney World a couple years ago. I thought it was a perfect saying for runners.

Negative splits for runners is when you run each increment of your run (I go by miles) at a faster pace than the previous. In other words, if you run a 9:00 on your first mile, an 8:30 on your second, and an 8:00 on your third, than you had negative splits. 

When I run I tend to get stronger every mile. I have heard people say the opposite, that they get slower because they get tired. Part of it is physical. You have to train yourself to get stronger physically. But by keeping your thoughts positive you give yourself a better chance of getting stronger with each mile. Instead of thinking "I'm too tired, I can't do this" you need to remind yourself that "I'm strong, I can do this" You have to train yourself both mentally and physically so that you…

Music Monday: Get Up

This week's Music Monday is "Get Up" by Breaking Point.

I have quite a few friends that are starting or have already been working towards new goals. Some have been working on losing weight. Some are just starting. Some are getting back to exercise after getting away from it for a while. Some are getting ready to run distances they have never run: 5k, half marathons and marathons. I even know someone that is working on writing a book. And another that is starting a new job.

So right now I am excited for a lot of people. And I KNOW every single one of them is going to do great, because well.....I don't surround myself with losers!

This song is from my collection of songs that always seems to make it onto whatever playlist I make for a new goal. This song is about getting knocked down and getting back up. It's a great motivating song. Another one of those songs that really gets my blood pumping whenever I hear it. In fact I am sure it will come on my iPod while I a…

Music Monday: The Sea of Memories

This week's Music Monday is three songs from Bush's latest album The Sea of Memories.

Lately I have been having trouble writing in this blog. I've pretty much only written my Music Monday posts and the non music ones (as well as the music ones) that I did write were crap. So this morning as I was trying to decide on a song to use and trying to write one about running I could only draw a blank (or crappy sentences).

So I did what I usually do when I am stuck: I turned on my ipod. I picked this album to play while I sat there trying to come up with something good to write. Then it finally hit me! (8 hours later) I decided to do something I really have wanted to do for a while: give you a few songs and let you decide what you think/feel.

These three songs have very special meanings for me. I won't discuss them because one of my favorite things about listening to songs that Gavin Rossdale has written is that there is not always a clear meaning. There are a lot of his song…

Music Monday: Where Are You?

This week's Music Monday is "Where Are You?" by Our Lady Peace.

Last week's Music Monday was a song I used to blow off steam for how I had been feeling recently. I would put in a "good" week working out and then go on an eating binge all weekend. That went on for a couple weeks until I was finally too frustrated to write anything positive on Monday. So I decided to go with a song that I was using to call myself out for not really putting in a good effort in anything. I felt like I was "faking" a lot of things.

Three things happened after I posted that song. First, I really got that off of my chest. It was something I had been feeling for a few weeks but had kinda kept to myself. Next thing was a guy that I have gotten to know pretty well at the gym gave me some advice: If your not happy with the where you are, get back to the where you were before.

So from there I decided to get back to the same attitude I had before. I had fallen into a pit of se…

Music Monday: Fake it

This week's Music Monday is "Fake It" by Seether.

Good god, you're comin' up with reasons
Good god, you're draggin' it out
And good god, it's the changin' of the seasons
I feel so raped, so follow me down and just

Fake it, if you're out of direction
Fake it, if you don't belong, yeah
Fake it, if you feel like affection