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The mental part of running

I like to say that running is 50% physical and 90% mental. Yeah I know it doesn't add up. It is probably 50/50. Some days it seems like the mental part is the biggest. Sometimes just getting motivated to run is the hardest part. If you can make it that far there is a good chance that at some point in the run you will think "I am done, I can't take one more step". Usually the problem is all in your head. Your body might not feel like running but your head is what is making you not want to run. If your head is not in it you can convince yourself that something is wrong physically or that you really don't need to run today. One way to get yourself to keep running is to pick a landmark to run to. You just need to make it to the next mailbox or driveway. Then once you get there you can set a new goal. If you are on a treadmill maybe you can set a time goal. You can tell yourself to keep running until you reach an even number. The one thing that works best for me is to…

My first blog post!

Well, here it is. The moment that only a couple people have been waiting for. My first blog post. A few months back I noticed a friend of mine on facebook had a post that was a link to a blog. The title seemed interesting so I figured I would check it out. I was blown away by how honest and brave it was of her to write about something that was a very personal subject. I really didn't know that much about her but I knew what she was refering to and I thought it was amazing that she could be so bold. After I read some of her blogs I started reading others. I found some from runners and other athletes and musicians. I became inspired by alot of the things I was reading. Something that I never shared with anyone, until I told my wife Staci, was that I always wanted to be able to write out my feelings. When I told her I am not sure she thought I was serious. I rarely even say what is on my mind, how could I ever put it into words on a computer. Well, here goes nothing. I originally pla…