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Music Monday: My Medicine

This week's Music Monday is "My Medicine" by The Pretty Reckless.

This song was a song that I kept singing to myself during the St. Jude Marathon. It has nothing to do with running and not an inspirational song. I was just bored.

I almost always run with my ipod. But because I had run this marathon before I knew that there was just too much atmosphere to enjoy to be listening to my music. There were people cheering and playing music and I really wanted to take it all in this time.

So when we got to parts of the race where there wasn't much going on this song popped in my head. Why? I guess it was because I had just gotten this cd and absolutely loved it. If you haven't heard of The Pretty Reckless you should check them out.

I finally put my ear buds in around mile 19, that is the part of the race that starts to get boring. There is less crowd and more traffic from around mile 19 to about 24. Although I'm not sure. A lot of the race kinda blended together. Oh…

St. Jude Marathon recap

It's taken nearly a month but I am finally getting to my St. Jude Marathon recap. I wanted to wait at least a week so the recap wouldn't have to break it into several posts.

Everything about the marathon was great. I think I smiled the entire 4:34:23.

The organizers do a great job getting people to volunteer and there are tons of people lining the streets cheering. Everyone involved from start to finish is great. Everyone makes you feel like they are there for you. Even the people cheering for their family and friends cheer for you. It is an unbelievable feeling.

I am so thankful for everyone that donated to St. Jude through my Heroes program. My total amount raised was $576. Wearing the Heroes shirt this year was an honor. I can't imagine ever running this race without being a part of this awesome program. It really gave me a little extra pride knowing that I was doing this for more than myself.

Running 26.2 miles isn't the most fun thing to do but doing it to help t…

Music Monday: Beauty School

This week's Music Monday is "Beauty School" by the Deftones.

I didn't have much time to write a post so I picked this video because it shows the Deftones, my favorite band, before and during some of their concerts. This song is one of their more mellow songs but the video shows all of the energy and awesomeness from their show. And below the video is a picture of me with the band when I got to meet them before their show in Memphis earlier this year.


Music Monday: Turn The Page

This week's Music Monday is "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger.

Back in September I did a post here about a Bob Seger song that means a lot to me. In it I told the story of how I always wanted to go to his concert.

Well, just a couple weeks after I wrote that I got an email from Ticketmaster that said that he was playing in Memphis in December. This time I was going!

The concert was great. It was everything I expected it to be. He put on an awesome show. It was also really cool that my mom and my sister were there.

I seriously felt my dad's presence there with me. I had chills the whole concert. It really helped that there were a bunch of drunk people around me to keep me from freaking out that I was finally doing something that I have wanted to do since I was a kid.

This is a song that I love to listen to when I am on a long run. It is a song about him being a musician on the road. I kinda relate it to being on a long run.

Out there in the spotlight
You're a millio…

Music Monday: Fully Alive

This week's Music Monday is "Fully Alive" by Flyleaf.

I chose this song because it is a song that is about knowing someone that is in pain and has not much of a reason to feel alive.  And yet they do.

I signed up for the St. Jude Marathon because I wanted to erase the bad taste of my first marathon. I really didn't enjoy my first one because I took it too seriously and really didn't think about what I should have been running it for. The children of St. Jude. This song really became my rally song for the last few weeks leading up to St. Jude.

Every email I received for the race had smiling children. Every piece of mail I received had smiling children. Every time I looked at anything that has to do with St. Jude there was always a smiling child.

And here I am upset because I can't train for the race the way I want.

This song really hit me when I was on a run one day and these words really resonated within me:

All my complaints shrink to nothing
I'm ashame…

Bad Weather Running

Yesterday was a great day for running. And by great I mean terrible.

Yesterday was windy, rainy and cold. The exact opposite of my ideal weather.

The temperature when I was running was 36 but the wind and rain made it seem much colder. My ideal temperature for running is more like 96 and humid. Days like yesterday make a lot of people opt for the treadmill.

But yesterday's weather was perfect because as a runner I need to face different weather conditions. If I stayed inside and ran on the treadmill I would miss a chance to get my body used to windy, cold and rainy weather. Sure I've run in it before but I'm preparing for a race and I want my body to be ready for that kind of weather right now.

One thing that a lot of people forget is that not only do they have to get their legs ready but they also need to get their body and lungs ready for the weather they will meet on race day.

I absolutely hate cold weather. I hate even being cold for a second. Hell, I hate ice cubes i…

Music Monday: Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

This week's Music Monday is "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" by the Deftones.

This is a song by my favorite band. It is a song that I use to kinda get away from things that are bothering me. The song is about just getting away.....far away.

A lot of times I find something to kinda get me away from those things that bother me. Usually it's a nice drive by myself where I can just be left alone and listen to music that gets those feelings out that I am afraid to express to the person or situation I am trying to get away from.

Running is a great way to get away because it's just me. A long run can do wonders for my soul. I really like to use those longer runs as a way of getting away from everything. No one can bother me and I can just "be" by myself.

The way Chino takes the yelling of "I don't care where just far!" and follows it with a calm "Awaaaaaaaayyy" kinda takes me where I need to go. I love it because it is screaming that he …

The Road Warrior and the turtle

This past Sunday was the final race of the MRTC Road Race Series. And since I finished all ten races I am officially a Road Warrior!

This last race was a half marathon. Usually I would have tried to get a PR because it is a relatively flat course. But my goal this time was to not get injured two weeks before my marathon. Two weeks before this race was when I got shot in the hamstring. I didn't want something like that to happen again. I just needed to finish. My time was the slowest I have ever run (1:56:31) but I kept it slow and steady.

During the week when I was out running I ran by a turtle that was crossing the road. I thought it was hilarious. I thought "I must be the rabbit". The more I thought about it the more I realized that right now I need to slow down a bit. My body is obviously trying to tell me something. I have gone injury free for these last four years since I have been running. No matter how much I put my legs, knees, hamstrings, quads, ankles and feet…

Music Monday: Metalingus

Today's Music Monday is "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge.

I first came across this song because it was the "entrance" music to one of my son's favorite WWE wrestlers, Edge. This song probably makes it onto every playlist I make. It is a song that I love to workout to, especially when I am doing speed workouts. The lyrics are so perfect for me. They represent the attitude that I had when I was trying to lose weight. They also represent my attitude of me wanting to get better everyday.

I got the idea to use this song for today on one of my runs last week. It was an easy 10 miler. In other words I was supposed to run 10 miles at an easy pace. The first 9 miles were nice and easy as they should have been. But like so many training runs before the last mile became about finishing strong. I felt great so I decided to push it just a little. I had a little more than a half mile left when this song came on. As soon as I heard the opening drums my adrenaline kicked in b…

Music Monday:Under and Over It

This week's Music Monday is "Under and Over It" by Five Finger Death Punch.

I apologize for picking such a negative song this week. I have a really good post that I wrote earlier in the week that I was going to use today. However, I decided to play something that would show my mood right now.

The first time I heard this song I thought "DAMN! This song kicks ass!" When I listened to the words I thought "Great, another rock star complaining about being famous." It hit me while I was listening to this song Saturday morning that it's more about people not being able to handle the changes in his life. I put it on repeat that morning while I was lifting weights and it just reminded me of a situation I am facing.

So, if you're not into Heavy Metal or curse words you may want to skip this. If you want a great song for a kickass workout or a song about people who are making you feel bad about yourself.......


I am selfish

I am selfish.

Yes I know that sounds bad. But selfishness is an important part of self-improvement. You cannot improve yourself without being selfish.

If you want to improve yourself you have to make time for yourself. Maybe that time cuts into your time with friends or family. Maybe you sacrifice down time by doing extra work towards your self-improvement goals. Sometimes there are things that need to be done that you end up putting off because it gets in the way of your "ME" time. All of these things can be heavy on you but you have to understand that if you want to get better you have to sacrifice.

Now, I am not saying you should neglect those around you. Not at all. The ones around you need to be on board with your goals or there can be friction. That is really the hardest part. If you have a goal and a plan to achieve that goal and the will to actually do the work necessary, you still need support. However, a lot of times it is hard for others to understand what you a…

Music Monday: Fight Like This

This week's Music Monday is "Fight Like This" by Decyfer Down.

This song was playing at the end of my race this past Sunday when my hamstring was shot and I was fighting like hell to finish the race. It really came on at the right time for me. I needed a new mantra to really get me going and this might be it.

Lately I have been having trouble with my marathon training. It seems like every week something happens that derails my training plans. Either it is a new physical problem or a schedule change or a sick kid that's not actually sick or just about anything else. Every time I try to increase my intensity something happens that knocks me back a couple steps.

With only a month left until my race I feel a little under prepared. I keep reminding myself that it's not supposed to be easy but I can make it through. I just gotta fight!

Physically and mentally.

I need to make sure I am doing everything I need physically to succeed. That means I need to get my workouts …

Man up!

Sunday's half marathon was the next to last race in the MRTC Road Race Series. That means I am a month away from the St. Jude Marathon. And what an experience.....

This was my first time running in a week and a half. The last time I tried to run I had a terrible pain on the very first step I took. It was odd because I had been up and walking around all night at work and never had even the slightest hint of pain. Not even as I was walking out the door to go run. In hindsight it was probably a case of overuse. The night before I had done some fartleks. I had not done any speed work in a while so I pushed it a little. I felt great afterwards and the next morning. The reason I ran like that was because I had to change my schedule to get my workouts in. I probably should have rested instead.

After talking to my old running partner/coach and two other trainers I was convinced it would be best not to run the half marathon on Sunday. That was a terrible feeling because I really want to ge…

Music Monday: The Right Stuff

This week's Music Monday is "The Right Stuff" by Our Lady Peace.

I thought since it's Halloween I would play a spooky song or something. But I couldn't really find a good one. I thought about going with a Marilyn Manson video but I couldn't decide which one. Then I was just looking through my iPod and remembered this video.

It is a video that shows a costume party of some sort. It must be Halloween in the video because everyone is wearing masks. The only weird thing is that everyone is just kinda standing around watching the action. Usually at a Halloween party people are mingling and dancing or something. The funny thing is that they are all dressed like that one movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. They must be big fans. Anyway, the video ends with the band getting into a food fight with some scantily clad women. That one poor lady was covered in food, it looked like they were using her as a plate! Those crazy Canadians.

Happy Halloween!

Music Monday: Fly From The Inside

This week's Music Monday is "Fly From The Inside" by Shinedown.
This is a song that I really love. It is one of my "theme" songs. I have alot of these songs. This song is about deciding to take control of your life. One of those songs that I rocked when I was losing weight. I can go on and on about how it inspires me but the song really speaks for itself:

I am focused on what I am after
The key to the next open chapter
Cause I found a way to steal the sun from the sky
Long live that day that I decided to fly from the insideEnjoy!

More hills and some Thanks

Sunday was the second 10 miler of the MRTC Road Race Series. Another race through the hills of Shelby Forest.

I was really happy with the way I ran. These last two months have been a little weird for me. In September I had a strange knee pain that sounded like tendinitis. It went away after about a week of rest. A few weeks ago I had a pain in my foot that sounded like a stress fracture. I still feel it a little but not enough to worry.

With those worrisome pains comes fear, doubt and a complete loss of confidence. Usually. However, I have a great support group of people to get me through all of these things. My wife Staci helped me by suggesting when to ice and what medicine to take and when to take it. Thank you. My buddy Kate hooked me up with her friend Lee to show me some underwater running workouts. Thank you. My former running partner/running coach Alli showed me some water running techniques and ideas on how to handle my injuries. Thank you. And of course my "Pilates/Yo…


"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

One of the hardest things about a training schedule is making sure I get all of my workouts done. For me it's not a matter of not wanting to do them or not being able to do them. My problem is that sometimes there are other things I need to do.

Right now I am training for a marathon. I have a plan going into every week for what I need to get done and how and when I plan to do it. The problem is that there always seems to be something unexpected that pops up. Usually it is a sick kid or something that needs to be fixed. Sometimes the problem is that I just completely over planned, forgetting that I had already made other plans or that I may actually need to sleep. (Yes, I do live by the saying - "I'll sleep when I'm dead.")

One thing I have learned about training is that I need to be flexible with my schedule. I work at night so when something needs to be done during the day I can do it. My work…

Music Monday: Fall To Pieces

This week's Music Monday is "Fall to Pieces" by Velvet Revolver.

This is a very special song for me. It is a song that reminds me of how I have always handled my father's death. I have always been someone who would not really share what is bothering me. This is especially true when it comes to talking about this.

My father passed when I was nine so I really had a hard time dealing with it as a kid/teenager/adult. I could always talk to my mother or my sister but I felt the need to deal with it on my own. As I got older it was even harder dealing with it. I remember a couple of times as a young adult when I just completely broke down when talking about it. (If you were one of those people that I confided in, thank you for listening.)

The chorus - "Every time I'm falling down, All alone I fall to pieces" - struck me the first time I heard it. It really captures that feeling that I had for so many years. The feeling of keeping everything inside and deali…

Music Monday: Take It Off

This week's Music Monday is "Take It Off" by The Donnas.

This is one of my favorite bands. I love female rockers and these girls ROCK! There is a rumor going around that the lead singer, Brett Anderson, has a crush on me. But unfortunately for her I am married. So what if I made up the rumor. I'm sure she would if she met me.


A great finish

Sunday was the 1st 10 miler of the MRTC Road Race Series.

I love running all of the races in this series but the 10 milers are my favorite by far. They are actually harder than the half marathons. The half marathon course is almost completely flat. It goes from one end of Singleton Parkway to the other and then back. Very flat and very boring. The ten mile course is the exact opposite. It is in Shelby Forest and has a bunch of hills, both up and down. It is all road except for some pathways that are mostly paved.

I love this course because it is so challenging. There are a few uphills that are extremely steep. Which also make for some extremely steep downhills. And then there are the infamous "switchbacks". Ask anyone who has run this race before about the "switchbacks" and they will most likely cringe. They are located shortly after mile 9. Yes you read that correctly, MILE 9.

Once you pass the 9 mile marker you are met with what looks like a steady incline. Th…


I finally did something that I have been needing to do for my marathon training. I added my name to a list that I found through Twitter called #GoTheDist. Some of the people I follow on Twitter kept tweeting about it so I checked it out and found all of the info here on an awesome blog by Fat Girl vs.World. You should check it it out it is a great blog to read. Here is a summary of what #GoTheDist is all about:

What is #GoTheDist? It's you challenging yourself to meet a goal that is not measured by pounds or inches lost.  It is not measured against the distance of any other person (as we all have different abilities).  It is only measured by your ability to push yourself to meet the goals you set for yourself (we measure success by percentage of goal complete).  The community provides the support, motivation, and inspiration for you to reach your goal. I wanted to sign up because it sounded like a lot of fun. Setting a goal or goals and charting your progress and being motivated by…

Music Monday: One Man Army

This week's Music Monday is "One Man Army" by Our Lady Peace.

For the regular readers of my blog who wonder why most of my Music Monday posts are about an OLP song when I have them listed as my second favorite band on my Top 5 page, well...... maybe you forgot this post. The purpose of these posts are to get the music out there that inspires me and OLP is the most inspirational band for me. I will not rest until everyone I know is an OLP fan! Or until I run out of songs to post. Either way you are stuck with them.

This song is another important song for me because it was one of my "theme songs" while I was losing weight a few years ago. For me the song represents my journey towards my goal that I had to make on my own. Staci helped me a lot along the way. There is no way I did it alone. However, the part that I did have to do on my own was the actual work that had to be put in. I had to have the will power to change. I had to make sure I ran everyday. I had to…

Music Monday: I Love Myself Today

This week's Music Monday is "I Love Myself Today" by Bif Naked.

I was recently asked "why do you have a blog?" My best answer was "because it is something I like to do." One of the things about me that is slowly changing is that I don't really talk about some of the stuff I blog about. I have gotten better about that but mostly I try and act as if I have no problems and I am bulletproof and very confident. The truth is that I do have problems and I am not bulletproof and at times have zero confidence. Things that I don't like to talk about.

However, when I can share these things through my blog I don't have to say them. I can type them and if someone reads them it is ok. I can't really explain it. For some reason it just comes easier for me to do it this way. Someone once said "it gets the crazy out." Which I thought was a funny way to put it. But I like the fact that I can share these things about me and maybe someone can re…

A thank you and a birthday wish

Sunday was the last 10k of the MRTC Road Race Series. It was also the last race that Staci will be doing together in this series.

Our time was 1:14:29, which was two minutes slower that the last race. But once again it was Staci's first run since the last race two weeks ago. So I would say she did great. She has gotten better each race and I think she actually likes it a little. Maybe a little more after the race is over.

We both really enjoyed the time together during our races and it stinks that we won't have anymore to do together. I am kinda excited to get back to being competitive in the 10 milers and half marathons. However it will be much different without her by my side. I am dissapointed that we didn't follow through on my idea of getting "I'm with stupid" t-shirts to run in during the races. That would have been freaking hilarious.

I really wanted to do this series without getting too competitive since I am training for my marathon. Running with S…

Conquering each step

This is a post I originally wanted to write a week ago today. There was so much emotion flowing through me that I was just too exhausted to write it at the time. I had trouble finishing it throughout the week because I couldn't quite recapture the feeling I had. Hopefully by the end of this post it comes through. Enjoy!

Wednesday's run was something special.

It was a seven mile run that started with a one mile loop around the YMCA and out to the golf course and back. Pretty boring. What made the run "special" is the reason I am a runner.

The day "started" with me buying a knee brace and a pack of 5 Hour Energy after I got off work. My knee had responded well to my three mile run the day before but I thought I might need a little more support. The 5 Hour Energy was needed because I was tired - as usual. I had a plan of: med ball core workout - yoga - 7 mile run. So I needed the extra boost to get me through. The core workout went great and we stretched our …

Music Monday: Old Time Rock & Roll

This week's Music Monday is Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll".

This song is very special to me because it is me and my Dad's song. When I was younger, probably 8 or 9, we would listen to the Bob Seger "Nine Tonight" tape all the time. It is a "live" album and one of my all-time favorites. Any time we would go somewhere I would ask him to play it. I always wanted to hear this song but those of you old enough to remember tapes know that it was not easy to just go to a song. So we would listen to the whole tape and turn it up when this song came on.

I remember my parents being pretty big Bob Seger fans. I remember once they went to his concert and me and my sister had to spend the night with a family friend. I was pretty upset that I didn't get to go. I couldn't wait to see my dad and ask him all about it. "How was it?" "What songs did he play?" "How many people were there?" "Were there any kids t…

Music Monday: Awake and Alive

This week's Music Monday is the song "Awake and Alive" by Skillet.

Skillet is a Christian Rock band from Memphis. I remember hearing about them when they were an up and coming band here locally but never really checked them out. I heard the label "Christian Rock band" and figured they couldn't be that good. I heard a few songs in those early years (late 90's) that got some good air time and I thought they were good. (Back when we actually had a rock/alternative radio station in Memphis - but that is a rant for another day. Oh, and it is a rant!)

The song is clearly about their faith and knowing what they believe in and how it gives them strength. I like to interpret songs to suit me. I'm kinda selfish like that. This is a great song to workout with while I am training. I think of it as reminding me to believe in myself and to continue working towards my goal. And to not give in to bad habits and negativity that tries to creep up on me.

Just last w…

A great birthday run

Sunday was the first 10k race of the MRTC Road Race Series. It was also my birthday. What better way to spend my birthday than to get to run through Shelby Farms with my wonderful wife. She does not consider herself a runner so the fact that she is doing this series to spend time with me is very unselfish and sweet.

Once again we ran together because it is so much fun. However, we both went in a little nervous. She hadn't run in two weeks, since the last 5 miler. I hadn't run all week because of a very scary knee pain. It was scary because 1. I am a wuss and 2. everyone I talked to had a look on their face like "it might be serious" when I told them about it. It started immediately after my 12 miler last Sunday. It never fully went away. Tuesday I tried running on it and the first step was terrible. I rested it until Friday but it still hurt a little when I took off. So after I ran a few feet I decided to wait until Sunday. There is no way I am missing a race in this…

My new tattoos

I just recently got my tattoo finished and added a few. I already had the letter N with my wife and kid's names in it. I just added the latest (and last!) addition to our family and added a crest.

The N was pretty plain for a reason. I really wanted to get a tattoo with the names in an N but I really wasn't sure how I wanted it to look. I went to a shop and the guy that helped me didn't really help me much at all. But I knew I at least wanted the names and the N because the names line up perfectly. The two Ss line up and the two Es line up. I decided that I could get that and finish it later somewhere else. Probably a good idea.

I kinda toyed with ideas for what I wanted to do and got close to getting it done. And then the surprise. We had Olivia. So now I have to find a way to get her name on it. The idea for her name came from a hat my Grandfather had given me a few years ago from our family reunion. The second N in my last name has a tilde above it. The hat had one ove…

Music Monday: Undone

This week's Music Monday is "Undone" by Aranda.

I heard the song probably last week. But I only caught the end. I typed it in my notes on my phone and actually forgot about it until Saturday night. Any time I hear a new song that I like I make a note in my phone then check it out on iTunes and see if I want to get it.

As I said I only caught the end so I couldn't remember what it was about. Before my minute and a half preview was over I had already decided this is my song! I even tweeted that I had my Music Monday song before the preview was done.

I had heard of one of Aranda's songs before and thought it was good but never checked it out. After hearing this song and previewing their first album from 2008 I was sold. In fact as I started writing this I was downloading it. This song came out in July and I have yet to find anything about a new album coming out but if it does I am sure it will be great.

This song is AMAZING! It is a song that is so inspirational. …

Sunday's long run

Today I had a great run. It was a 12 miler that went from Navy Lake to the YMCA and back. That is 10 miles so I turned back around and ran a mile out and back.

This was my long run for the week. I usually get excited for my long runs but lately they have all been stinkers. I have actually had to walk at some point during each of them. If you know me, you know that is not what I do. I never want to walk during a run. Never. My ego gets in the way. Now, if I am running with someone else I will walk as much as they would like. I have no problem with that because I enjoy the company. But if it is just me....HELL NO!

I have had to walk for a few reasons: water belt malfunctions, old ladies asking for directions, saw a piece of metal in the street that would blow out a tire, stomach issues, near dehydration and just being really freaking tired. The real problem has been the tired part. I let myself walk. Because I was tired.

But why? Is my weight catching up with me? Am I that sleep depriv…

Mental Day Off

Sometimes I just need a "mental day off".

A day to get my head straight. Or as the great Cincinnati Reds TV announcer George Grande calls it - "a check-up from the neck-up". Maybe I need to find my focus. Maybe I know my body really needs a break even if I don't want to give it one. But usually for me a mental day is just a day to get some sleep. A day to go straight home and not think about running or working out. Just rest.

I do some kind of workout almost every day. I usually run five or six days a week. I usually lift weights two or three days a week. I try to make it to as many yoga and pilates classes as I can. I also try to fit in other core workouts when possible. I try to take at least one day off a week, usually Saturday or Sunday. Or both if we have a busy weekend.

The problem is during the week. I do all of this in the morning after I have been at work all night. Now, getting all of these things done takes a little bit of time. Add in the fact that …

Music Monday: Made of Steel

This week's Music Monday is the song "Made of Steel" by Our Lady Peace. There is no real reason that I picked it. It is just a song that I really like. It is a song that could be for a friend that has a problem that you can't really help them with. But let's them know you are there for them. Even though they have to make their own choices they can lean on you for support. Or maybe you can find another message for yourself.


Another fun race

This week's race in the MRTC Road Race Series was the second 5 miler. And just like the first one, this race was really fun.

Staci and I ran together again. This time we took over a minute off of our time from 59:06 to 58:04. We only stopped to walk at the two water stops. The first stop was at mile 2 and the second stop was at mile 4.

I was so proud of Staci because she just kept pushing. I shouldn't be surprised though. After all she is an athlete. Running is my sport. Running is exercise for her sport (volleyball).

The best part of the race was the last 3/4 of a mile. A lady running beside us said "you two are gonna beat me again. I have been trying to catch you the whole race." She also told us we had a good pace. (And no I did not take credit for that, haha.) Staci picked it up a little and we didn't see that nice little lady again. After we passed a few other people we came up on a couple about a tenth of a mile from the finish line. And yeah, we smoked th…

Munford Celebrate 5k

Saturday was the Munford Celebrate 5k. This was my third year to run this race and each year has been fun. 

The course has several small hills throughout-which I love. My only problem is that my usual training course is completely flat. However, I do enough hill training that these hills really aren't that bad. It is usually pretty hot on race day (again something I love) but this year was not too bad. The people that put it on are really awesome. And to make things even better there is a Kid's Fun Run after the 5k.

This year I ran into a small dilemma. After a horrible long run on Sunday, my 1year old was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had some pretty hard workouts planned for those days. I made the mistake of doing them both on Thursday....two days before the race. That meant sore hamstrings and shoulders for a couple days. I was over all of that by Saturday morning and actually felt pretty good after I stretched. I got a chance to see a few people I hadn't seen in aw…

Music Monday: Not Again

This week's Music Monday is the song "Not Again" by Staind. It is a new song that has been out for a couple weeks. But I really just caught onto it early last week.

My training schedule for my marathon is set. No problem there. The problem has been adjusting to everybody else's new schedule and everything else life throws at me. The first week did not go nearly as well as I wanted. It was so busy that I didn't really get a chance to do everything I wanted. The second week went well but ended with a "bad" long run. Last week was my third week, which had my one year old sick on the two most important days of my training. I had a 5k on Saturday and needed my harder workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now I am not complaining about things not going my way, I know how to handle that. In fact I have a blog post that I need to finish right now about being flexible with your training schedule but I have been too busy to write it. Because I have been being flexi…

Music Monday: Back From Cali

For this week's Music Monday I have chosen one of my favorite songs to have come out over the past couple of years. The song is "Back From Cali" by Slash and Myles Kennedy.

The song came out last year on Slash's "solo" album. He plays with all kinds of different singers from Ozzy to Kid Rock to Fergie so it is not Guns N' Roses type music. There are some heavy songs and some really light songs. There are alot of other great songs on the album but this is by far my favorite.

Myles Kennedy has an awesome voice so I checked out his band Alter Bridge and fell in love with their music. He is one of those guys that are just on a different level vocally and lyrically.

If you are into this song check out the rest of the CD. If you like Myles Kennedy or have never heard Alter Bridge check out their latest album ABIII, it is amazing.


An enjoyable run

Sunday was the first 5 miler of the MRTC Road Race Series. And it was probably the most enjoyable race I have ever run.

These past two weeks have been very busy at my house. Staci getting back to work teaching and coaching volleyball. Nate starting 1st grade and summer baseball season. And Sophie and Olivia getting back to their daycare and babysitter. Everything went from slow-paced, let's find something to do to this needs to be done now and let's get moving!

So Staci and I haven't really had time to enjoy each other's company. In fact we hardly talked for most of last week because we were so wrapped up in everything that was going on we didn't take time to find out what each of us were so upset about.

Finally, when it looked like we couldn't stand each other anymore it was time to take the kids to my Mother's house to spend the night. We finally got a chance to talk and found out we, and by we I mean me, were just being stubborn and silly.

So Sunday'…