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First 5K of the RRS

I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on my most recent races. The 1st MRTC Road Race Series 5K was actually a couple weeks ago but I didn't get around to posting about it until now.

The 5Ks this year are at Audubon Park near the Cancer Memorial on Perkins. I ran with Staci because it is fun to get out and run with her. We never get a chance to run together during the week so it is a great opportunity for us. Also, we were without the kids for a few days so we could really enjoy each other's company.

The other reason I ran with her is because she was having some foot issues. It was her right foot. So I figured since her right foot was bad and my left knee was bad we could run side by side in case we needed to lean on each other to finish.

Our time was 35:54. Not bad considering she hadn't run outside much leading up to it and she was being really tough dealing with her new ailment. She did have a nice strong finish as we got to the last tenth of a mile.

Here is a pi…

Music Monday: Firework

This week's Music Monday is "Firework" by Katy Perry.

I picked this song for my daughter Sophie.

This is her favorite song. And it is the perfect song for her.

She is the middle child and she has, well....."The Middle Child Syndrome". She has probably the worst personality for her place among our children. She has a hard time dealing with the fact that she is not quite old enough to do the things Nate does and not baby enough to get treated like Olivia. But what she doesn't understand is that she is as special to us as her siblings.

Each of our kids are very special to us. Sophie is the princess. She is a "firework". She has a different personality than Staci and I. She has a different personality from the other two kids.

This song is great for her because it has a great positive message. I hope when she gets older she will realize what it means. I want her to understand that she is, and always will be, special and that she only needs to be hers…

Music Monday: Open Road Song

This week's Music Monday is "Open Road Song" by Eve 6.

This is a great running song. One of those songs you can really get in a good groove while your running. Even though the song is about driving you can draw a parallel to running. The joy of being alone..."It's so perfect, I'm so perfect, You're so perfect, You're not here!" That can be for anyone, everyone or no one.

"My pile shakes as I hit 80 on the open road!" I love that line!

I really thought this band had a chance to be really good. They had the hit "Inside Out". But there were two songs on the album that are just amazing songs, "Jesus Nightlight" and "Showerhead". Two "heartbreak" songs that get away from their punk/pop sound. "Jesus Nightlight" was a song that I related to when I went through a breakup because at the time a lot of that song was happening. But now it's just a really well written, beautifully sad song.

I …

Music Monday: Fix Me

This week's Music Monday is "Fix Me" by 10 Years.

This is a band I have really gotten into a lot lately. They've been around for a few years but I really got into them with their album Feeding The Wolves. They have a new album due out in August, Minus The Machine. They are on tour right now and just played in Nashville last night.

Since the kids are at their grandparents' house for a few days Staci and I drove over to Nashville to see them live. It was a quick drive over and right back after the show. But it was worth it.

I got to see two bands I really wanted to see, 10 Years and Kyng. And a band I hadn't heard much of in Fair To Midland. The bands were great but the crowd sucked. The hard rock crowds in Nashville just aren't what they are in Memphis. (Edit: rant deleted)

Here is a song from 10 Years that I really like. The video is pretty funny. It has the band members as a couple different characters in a bar. Their music is pretty serious so seeing t…

Music Monday: Working Man

This week's Music Monday is "Working Man" by Rush.

This is one of my favorite running songs. It is a song that found it's way to me in that weird way that a lot of other music has.

Ever since I can remember I always HATED Rush. I think it was always Geddy Lee's voice. So if Rush came on the radio I would change the station. I may have heard this song at some point in my life but never gave it a listen because I HATE Rush.

We don't get very many radio stations in our office at work but for a short while we could pick up a classic rock station so I would leave the radio on all night. One night, probably about a year ago, I walked into the office and I heard this amazing guitar solo playing. As I was rocking out at my desk I thought "damn this is sweet! Who is this?"

Then it happened.......Geddy Lee's voice.


But I HATE Rush!

If I would have walked in at any other point in the song I would have turned it down or walked out of the office. But …